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OceanTrax Preparing your Vessel for Delivery


OceanTrax will do the majority of preparation on the vessel. We have a comprehensive checklist we work through before leaving port. This checklist can be downloaded here

However no one knows your boat better than you, so there are things as an owner of the vessel you can do to help speed the process up.

  • Ensure all the correct paperwork is on board. Often crews are asked for registration documents, proof of VAT status and insurance.

  • List any known defects or peculiarities of the vessel. For example it is not uncommon for older vessels to have had work carried out and switches installed in strange places!

  • Dinghies and outboards stowed.

  • In-date life-raft and flare pack.

  • For motor yachts in particular, details of approximate fuel consumption and range.

  • If possible ensure the vessel is fully fuelled.

  • A recent surveyor’s report to view, if available.

  • List any equipment you do not wish us to use e.g. racing sails.

  • Inventory of on-board equipment if possible.

  • Ensure the hull of the vessel is clean, as weed and growth may significnatly slow down the passage and use excessive fuel.

These details can save our crew valuable time on arrival at a new vessel.

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