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Yacht Management

OceanTrax yacht management offers a range of services from winter care packages to overseeing new builds and refits. If you can not be present while work is carried out on your vessel we act on your behalf to ensure the project is completed on time and you get the best value for money.

Winter care package

Our winter lay up and complete care package includes;

  • Winterise the engine if the vessel is being kept on the hard.
  • If left afloat we will carry out a partial winterisation and the engine will be regularly started and run to temperature.
  • Batteries levels checked and kept topped up.
  • Sails will be removed, stowed and servicing can be carried out if required.
  • Dehumidifiers placed onboard and regularly emptied.
  • If the vessels berth is exposed to winter storms it will be moved to shelter when necessary.
  • Weekly checks carried out.
  • Haul outs and anti-fouling can be arranged if required as well as hull polishing.

All of the above is available as a complete package or as separate services as required.

Currently our winter care package is available in the UK between Weymouth to Chichester.

Refit and Repair Management

OceanTrax Yacht Management oversee refit and repair work for absent owners, we manage projects from Turkey to Trinidad. If you can not be present while boat yards carry out work on your vessel you can not guarantee their workmanship or that the project will be completed on time. An OceanTrax project manager can eliminate these issues.

  • We work to ensure deadlines are met
  • The work is to the quality expected
  • All regulations are met
  • Manage budgets if required.

We have built valuable contacts with trusted suppliers and contractors in many locations which is valuable to ensure the smooth running of projects.

New builds and sea trails

OceanTrax yacht management can work as an unbiased party between an owner and boat builder or broker.

  • We check a new build at various stages to ensure the work carried out is to industry standards
  • Highlight any issues at the build stage this will save time and money later when they will be harder to correct.
  • Help the project to run on time.
  • Ensure the vessel is supplied as ordered, highlight any issues and carry out sea trails.

If the vessel is to be used commercially OceanTrax yacht management can help with MCA coding, offer safety advice and supply the required safety equipment if required.

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