Although OceanTrax will do the majority of preparation of the vessel, there are things the owner of the vessel can do to help speed the process up.

Ensure all the correct paperwork is on board. It is not uncommon for crews to be asked for registration documents, proof of VAT status and insurance.
List any known defects or peculiarities of the vessel. For example it is not uncommon for older vessels to have had work carried out and switches installed in strange places!
Dinghies and outboards stowed.
In-date life-raft and flare pack.
For motor yachts in particular, details of approximate fuel consumption and range.
If possible ensure the vessel is fully fuelled.
A recent surveyor’s report to view, if available.
List any equipment you do not wish us to use e.g. racing sails.
Inventory of on board equipment if possible

Before departure OceanTrax crew will thoroughly check the vessel and report any defects.


In order to arrange appropriate cradles and lifting, we need all the dimensions, including the weight of the vessel.

OceanTrax will undertake preparation of your vessel for shipping if we are delivering it to the transport ship, however there are things you can do to help the process.

Vessels should be as low on fuel as possible.
Sails should be removed and stowed below if possible, along with life-rafts, horseshoe buoys and other removable deck items.
An inventory of all items on board.
Correct paperwork on board.
On deck navigation screens and instruments removed if possible.
On occasions gas cylinders will need to be removed.
Loose items stowed safely.
Consider shrink wrap to offer protection from the elements along with added security (suitable for some vessels).


Before arranging road transport, we must know the dimensions of the vessel, It might seem obvious but it is important to accurately measure and weigh the yacht. These measurements should include outboard motors, platforms and outriggers. Providing us with the correct weight and measurements, including height for clearances means that we can provide correct trailers. OceanTrax can transport vessels of up to 3.5 tonnes.

As with shipping a vessel, OceanTrax will prepare your vessel for road transport, however there are things you can do to help us.

Water tanks and fuel tanks should be empty or as low as possible.
Loose items on deck should be removed (horseshoe buoys, dan buoys etc.) and stowed safely.
Deck instruments, navigation screens removed and stowed if possible.
An inventory made of items on board.
Gas cylinders disconnected and turned to off.
Anchors removed or tied down.
Radar arches folded down if possible.
If taking the vessel abroad, ensure we have all the correct paperwork.
Consider having the vessel shrink wrapped to protect against grime and possible stone chips.

“OceanTrax have now undertaken several yacht deliveries for us in the UK and throughout Europe and on each occasion provided a very professional service. It is invaluable for us to work with a company that we can trust, not only just to deliver the boat, but to hand it over to the customer in shipshape condition. We will certainly continue to use their services…”

Nick Edgington, Managing Director - Marlow Legend Yachts