FAQ Yacht Delivery Questions Answered2018-11-28T17:15:21+00:00

Yacht Delivery FAQs

FAQ – Your Yacht Delivery Questions Answered

Here is a list of frequently asked questions from Boat Owners before they booked a yacht delivery with OceanTrax.

How Much Does It Cost?2018-11-28T17:09:47+00:00

Let’s get the biggest question answered first.

Delivery costs are based on an approximation of how long the passage should take. We will come to a mutually agreed timescale with the owner, before departure 50% of this fee is payable, the reminder to be paid upon completion plus or minus any days from the agreed amount.

Skipper Daily Rate £200 per day.
Days traveling are charged at half the above rate.
Travel is charged at cost.
Fuel / Harbour Dues if required – At Cost

Discount maybe available for longer haul deliveries – please ask when you call.

What Type and Size of Vessels Do You Deliver?2018-11-28T17:11:32+00:00

Our Skippers and Instructors are well experienced in all types of yachts from classic to racing and are certified and Experienced for a range of craft up to 24 metres load-line length. This includes monohull yachts, powerboats and motor cruisers and catamarans.

What if bad weather delays a delivery?2018-11-28T17:11:56+00:00

We will never set sail unless there is an appropriate weather window however on longer trips it may be that unforeseen weather can hold us up although this is a very rare circumstance. Should this occur and we are forced to take shelter then 50% of the daily fee is applied.

Which locations around the world to we deliver to?2018-11-28T17:12:35+00:00

We offer a worldwide service, the majority of our work is European based however we regularly undertake trans Atlantic deliveries.We operate delivery yacht and motorboats delivery service through the United Kingdom.

Popular yacht delivery locations include Greece, Italy, France, Spain, Gibraltar, Turkey, Azores, Canary Islands North and South America and Caribbean

When Do You Operate?2018-11-28T17:13:00+00:00

We provide services 365 Days Per Year.

What Is Involved In a Yacht Delivery?2018-11-28T17:13:32+00:00

So once you have decided to go ahead with your delivery what is involved?

Firstly owners must ensure the vessel is insured for the delivery, once this is confirmed suitable crew will be assigned to your vessel, usually a minimum 3, and before departure the vessel is thoroughly inspected.

Standing and running rigging inspected, engines checked, hull inspected for stress and damage and sails inspected.

Any defects will be noted and reported to the owner and if necessary repairs made.

Provisioning will then be made for the duration of the trip, once the delivery departs stops will only be made for fuel or bad weather.

Once under way the crew will sail 24 hours a day with a suitable watch system.

Upon completion the vessel will be thoroughly cleaned and any defects reported before hand over.

Owners are welcome to join the delivery crew should they wish.

What equipment is required on the vessel?2018-11-28T17:14:50+00:00

All vessels must be seaworthy and carry the relevant safety equipment.

Essential equipment/documents include;

Life raft in date,
Suitable in date flare pack
Working VHF
Proof of insurance
Vessels registration
Bill of sale and proof of VAT status
Paperwork can be sent to our office if not onboard. If equipment is missing please contact us as we may be able to provide on hire for the delivery or supply through our contacts in the industry at a reduced cost.

If the vessel has had a recent survey than a copy of the report should also be sent to our office.