March 2022

Coping with squalls


  The Definition of a Squall The World Meteorological Organisation’s definition of a squall is ‘a sudden increase of wind speed of at least 8m/s, the speed rising to 11m/s or more, and lasting for at least one minute’, or in sailing terms, a 16-knot increase minimum. Characteristics of Squalls Squalls are made up of a [...]

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February 2022

Daily maintenance on yacht delivery passages


Before leaving on any delivery, OceanTrax skippers carry out a thorough inspection of every vessel to familiarise themselves with the boat and to make sure the boat is seaworthy. An example of our checklist can be found here But the checks do not stop there. When underway our skippers carry out daily maintenance checks to [...]

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January 2022

Orca attacks on yachts off Spain and Portugal


Killer Whales, or Orcas, are the largest members of the oceanic dolphin family. Highly intelligent social mammals, they hunt in large pods and are known for organised attacks on marine animals. Orca attacks on yachts Until recently they have rarely posed a threat to human life. However over the last 18 months, a spate of [...]

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November 2021

What Skills does a yacht delivery skipper need


Formal Qualifications: To work for any yacht delivery company you should hold a minimum of a Yachtmaster Offshore qualification (for short coastal passages), but ideally be qualified as an Ocean Yachtmaster or higher. What skills does a yacht delivery skipper need outside of formal qualifications? A yacht delivery skipper must be resourceful, adaptable and multi-talented. [...]

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July 2021

Sailing at night


Sailing at night can be both rewarding and challenging. On a summer’s night, under a full moon and on a downwind run, it can be one of the greatest sailing pleasures. However on a winter’s night in strong winds, cold and limited visibility, it can be challenging and stressful for many reasons. But if you [...]

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June 2021

Provisioning a yacht for a long passage


Provisioning a yacht for a long passage can seem daunting but with a bit of planning it need not be. When provisioning a yacht things to consider are Length of the passage Will there be stops or will you be sailing continuously How many crew do you have Dietary requirements of your crew eg vegan, [...]

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