Sailing in fog

When fog descends it can throw up many disorientating scenarios and turn a relaxing day on the water into a test of your seamanship.

With AIS, chart plotters and radar now readily available for even the smallest of craft, some of the pressure has been taken off. However occasionally on deliveries, especially with older boats, these systems may not be available or have failed, so a good knowledge of traditional techniques is essential.

So here are our top tips and guide to sailing in fog.

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Sailing with a dog

If you are a dog owner, then you’ll understand that sometimes it’s really tough leaving your best buddy behind when you  set off cruising – after all our four-legged friends are often a huge part of the family. So in this blog we will take a look at the practical, administrative and fun (!) processes of sailing with a dog.

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Yacht Delivery Checklist

Before departing on any yacht delivery OceanTrax will thoroughly check the systems and mechanics onboard. To ensure we inspect all areas we use our yacht delivery checklist which we have made available to download to print or keep on a tablet/PC

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Rudder Failure In The Baltic

The following is an account of total rudder failure, which occurred on a delivery undertaken by OceanTrax. The manufacturer of the yacht is not mentioned on purpose, as this article is about the actions we took in this situation rather than assigning blame.

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Check Your Rigging

Failure of the rig at sea can cause major safety issues and extensive damage to a vessel. Insurance companies recommend changing your standing rigging every ten years, but there are plenty of circumstances that could cause a rig to fail long before that time period.

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Yacht Delivery Watchkeeping

One of the key factors for a successful yacht delivery or any long distance passage is an effective watch system.

There are many different options and systems but unfortunately there is no system that is perfect for all conditions. Depending on the type of vessel, equipment on board and climate, adaptions may have to be made.

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Preparing for a boat delivery

Before any boat delivery leaves port, OceanTrax has a comprehensive checklist to work through to minimise any problems which may occur when underway.

Below is an outline of the areas we look at and items we check.

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OceanTrax Yacht Delivery Guide To The Diesel Bug

The diesel bug is becoming more and more of an issue and can be costly to resolve. On top of that, OceanTrax are finding that an increasing number of yacht delivery passages are  held up considerably with engine problems caused by the bug. Here is our guide to preventing the bug and what you can do if you have it.

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Winterise Your Marine Engine

One of the biggest cause of hold ups on a boat delivery is due to engine problems, poor maintenance cost time and money. However with a bit of basic maintenance most problems can be prevented and save you money, here is OceanTrax Boat Delivery guide to winterising your engine.

When decommissioning your boat for the winter,  it is important that you winterise your vessel to prevent problems before you launch in the spring.

Winterisation will vary depending on the climate, type of vessel and the construction material. The basic areas to focus on are engine, rig, hull and interior. In this blog we will focus on the engine…

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“OceanTrax have now undertaken several yacht deliveries for us in the UK and throughout Europe and on each occasion provided a very professional service. It is invaluable for us to work with a company that we can trust, not only just to deliver the boat, but to hand it over to the customer in shipshape condition. We will certainly continue to use their services…”

Nick Edgington, Managing Director - Marlow Legend Yachts

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