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May 2021

Biscay yacht delivery


A Biscay yacht delivery can be daunting. For many people Biscay has a fearsome reputation and it is often well deserved, but although the weather and geography of the area have remained the same, the availability of reliable weather forecasts and yacht design has certainly improved. In the days of square riggers, Biscay provided the [...]

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September 2020

Sailing in Fog


When fog descends it can throw up many disorientating scenarios and turn a relaxing day on the water into a test of your seamanship. With AIS, chart plotters and radar now readily available for even the smallest of craft, some of the pressure has been taken off. However occasionally on deliveries, especially with older boats, [...]

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May 2020

Sailing with a dog


If you are a dog owner, then you’ll understand that sometimes it’s really tough leaving your best buddy behind when you  set off cruising – after all our four-legged friends are often a huge part of the family. So in this blog we will take a look at the practical, administrative and fun (!) [...]

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Yacht Delivery Checklist


Before departing on any yacht delivery OceanTrax will thoroughly check the systems and mechanics onboard. To ensure we inspect all areas we use our yacht delivery checklist which we have made available to download to print or keep on a tablet/PC Our checklist is by no means comprehensive and will vary from boat to boat [...]

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April 2020

Rudder Failure In The Baltic


The following is an account of total rudder failure, which occurred on a delivery undertaken by OceanTrax. The manufacturer of the yacht is not mentioned on purpose, as this article is about the actions we took in this situation rather than assigning blame. The Delivery The yacht in this event was new and commissioned [...]

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Check Your Rigging


Before departing on any yacht delivery it is essential to check your rigging. Failure of the rig at sea can cause major safety issues and extensive damage to a vessel. Insurance companies recommend changing your standing rigging every ten years, but there are plenty of circumstances that could cause a rig to fail long before [...]

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